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How to list your band on LocalTrax

For a limited time, LocalTrax is offering Bay Area bands a FREE 90 day trial subscription!

If they hear you they will come...

How to Get Started
To get your LocalTrax listing up and running we’ll need a 90 second music sample of your band and your schedule of upcoming shows.

Music Sample Specs
Music samples must be submitted on cassette tape and must be 90 seconds or less. For optimal telephone acoustics it is strongly recommended that you don’t overdrive the tape! We have evolved numerous techniques for maximizing over-the-phone fidelity, but distortion is lethal. Just keep your peak levels around +2 or +4, don't use Dolby, and your sample should sound fine.

Music Sample Content
The 90 second sample can contain whatever you want, though most bands have gone with a simple 2 to 3 song medley. You can begin the sample with the band members introducing themselves, or just cut straight to the music. It’s up to you; whatever you think best sells your band in 90 seconds! Don’t try to include schedule info on the sample! LocalTrax’s talking schedule feature handles all that, without putting an unwanted "expiration date" on your sample.

If you’re performing right now and want to list your show dates and locations, jot down your schedule info and return it with your tape (For each show you must include: Day, Date and Time; Club Name; Club's Address and Phone; and Club's Booking Manager). LocalTrax can list your schedule up to one year in advance, though you may choose to list a shorter period. If your band is not currently doing shows but you’d still like your sound on LocalTrax, no problem! We’ll still list your band’s sample, and when you book your next gigs we’ll add on schedule information.

Help for your Posters and Newsletters
Eye-catching ad slicks are available that can be added to your band’s posters and newsletters. They basically say: "Sample our music on LocalTrax! Free Local Band Hotline (415) 550-TRAX". Cut one out, stick it on your next master before Xeroxing, and spread the word that you’re on LocalTrax! If you've got a hotline, mentioning that you're on LocalTrax really increases your hit counts.

After the 90 Day Trial
If after the three months you don’t think LocalTrax is helping promote your band and generate new fans then just walk away. But we think you’ll discover that LocalTrax is an effective way, and at $20 bucks a month an affordable way, to recruit new fans and pack the house! In any event, you’ll be mailed a reminder in 90 days offering a regular $20/month LocalTrax subscription.

Track Your Results
Our system tracks calls in great detail so we’re able to tell every time your band’s name is entered, every time your sample is heard, and every time your schedule is heard. You’ll be provided with a hit report at the end of the trial period, and on a monthly basis thereafter.

Other Stuff
Sample tapes will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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