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How LocalTrax Works

It's a Telephone Thing!
With a free call to (415) 550-TRAX, Bay Area music fans can now sample the music from hundreds of local bands before venturing out to a club. The LocalTrax music-on-demand hotline plays music samples and schedules from the area’s best live music clubs and bands, right over the phone!

LocalTrax operates 24 hours a day, every day, and is available to anyone with a touch-tone phone. Callers simply punch in a few letters of a band's or club’s name to hear 90 second music samples and complete schedules! It’s that easy! And unlike some services that use 900/976 numbers, LocalTrax is always free to the calling party!

Look Ma, No Web!
Don't get us wrong, we love the web. But for sampling music, the telephone is the right choice for a couple of reasons.

Universal Access
Virtually everyone has access to the good old telephone. Whether calling from home, work, a friend's house, a cell phone, or even a pay phone, LocalTrax is just a free call away. Now compare that to the number of people with ready access to a web browser with audio capability. Get the picture?

The Sound's the Thing
Graphics are great, hyperlinks are neat, but what people really want is to hear the music! The telephone was built for sound and does a fine job of delivering music. True, streaming audio players for the web have come a long way, but their sound quality is still pretty low, and they gobble up bandwidth. Even if they were to offer sound with good quality, they would still lack the Universal Access that the telephone enjoys.

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