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How to list your club on LocalTrax

If you already know how LocalTrax works, take a look at how it can work for your club.

Local Music Just Got a New Voice...

Your club may currently be running a display ad campaign, but it’s not nearly as effective as it could be! Here’s why: Customers want to know in advance what they are going to hear, but to know that they need an extensive knowledge of music – knowledge that many people lack.

Our market research identified two common complaints people have about choosing a show from newspapers and weeklies: 1) They see band names they recognize but can’t connect any songs to the bands; 2) They see bands they never heard of and can't even tell what style the music is. Either way, they tend to avoid these uncertain prospects. If only they could hear the music...

With LocalTrax they can! Think of LocalTrax as the audio component of your display ad campaign. Customers read your ad, see your schedule, and then call LocalTrax to sample your music! This try-before-you-buy marketing is working for music stores (check out their listening booths) and it can work for you too!

Features for Clubs

"LocalTrax will revolutionize the way people choose their live music entertainment!"

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